Flu Vaccinations at Pontprennau Pharmacy this winter

Avoid debilitating symptoms of  flu with the winter jab

Our Flu Vaccination Service is administered by a specially trained pharmacist in Pontprennau. If you’re interested in receiving the service, your pharmacist will be able to answer any questions you might and they’ll ensure that it’s suitable for you before giving the vaccination.

The influenza virus is highly contagious. It can be passed from person to person either through airborne transmission (for example when someone coughs or sneezes) or by touching someone or something, which is contaminated with the virus. Signs and symptoms of flu include general aches and pains, shivering, cough, sneezing raised temperature and fatigue/weakness.

By receiving a flu vaccination you can:

  • Avoid the symptoms of flu
  • Stop yourself from passing flu on to others
  • Prevent any missed days from work due to the symptoms of flu

Protecting yourself from Flu

Flu can affect even the fittest of us, especially during the winter months when it’s easily spread through coughs, sneezes and by touching contaminated services. Your local Pontprennau Pharmacy Pharmacist will be able to vaccinate you against flu. Many people can receive a flu vaccine free of charge from the NHS.

Please contact Pontprennau Pharmacy to check eligibility.

What is Flu?

Flu is an acute respiratory viral infection caused by an influenza virus. It can affect anyone in any age group usually in the winter months from October to April (in the UK). For many people, flu is unpleasant but not life threatening. However, for some people who are most at risk, complications can result in more serious illness, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, or result in prolonged time off work or school.