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Vitamin B12 Injection Service

If you have been previously diagnosed with or have a risk factor for Vitamin B12 deficiency, you can book to have a Vitamin B12 injection at Cyncoed Pharmacy to help address symptoms such as fatigue and cognitive changes.

Flu Vaccination Cardiff


Stop Smoking Cardiff

Our pharmacist Sian is professionally trained to advise and offer counselling on how to stop smoking. She can also provide nicotine replacement products FREE OF CHARGE under the NHS from Pontprennau pharmacy.

Urinary Tract Infection

Our Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) service is a free NHS service available to women aged 16-64.
Our Independent Prescribing pharmacist who can prescribe medication  if necessary to treat the condition.

Sore Throat Test & Treat

The sore throat treat and test service enables a patient* to be assessed by an accredited pharmacist. This may involve the pharmacist taking a swab of your throat if appropriate, to help identify Strep A infection. This is an NHS service and saves the need for a GP appointment.

* patient must be 6 or over.

Common Ailments Service

NHS Wales funds a Common Ailment Service where we can advise and treat without a prescription many ‘Common Ailments’.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Our pharmacists can prescribe EHC (morning after pill without a GP prescription). The medication is provided at the appointment.

Ear Wax Removal Cardiff

Our ear clinic helps to diagnose and treat painful and irritating ear ailments. Our clinician will look into the ear canal and see if there are any signs of infection, inflammation, obstruction or excess wax. If any issues are found they can be treated directly by us.

Oral Contraception Service

Our specialist Independent Prescribing pharmacist can prescribe FREE of Charge Oral Contraception, without the need to see a GP. This can usually be collected on the same day as your appointment.

Chickenpox Vaccination Cardiff

The NHS currently offers a chickenpox vaccination to certain vulnerable groups, protecting those who are most at risk.
This service is available to those seeking protection from the chickenpox virus, including those who are eligible through the NHS but choose a private vaccination service.

Weight Loss Treatment Service

If you have a BMI greater than 30, our Clinical Pharmacist can prescribe the weight loss treatment, Mounjaro, to help you along your weight loss journey.

Travel Clinic Cardiff

Following a consultation with our expert pharmacist, you will be prescribed & administered with the necessary vaccinations and medication to keep you safe on your trip.

Discharge Medicines Review (DMR)

If you have recently been discharged from hospital, and you want us to review your existing or altered medication, we offer this service FREE of charge.

Emergency Medicine Supply

In some cases, you may require urgent prescription medication without having a valid prescription on hand. However, pharmacies are still able to give you the drug in an “Emergency Supply.” Your doctor may make such requests, or you, the patient, may make them.

Who We Are

Independent Pharmacy in Pontprennau

Welcome to Pontprennau Pharmacy in Cardiff. We aim to provide a Healthcare experience second to none. In addition to a fast efficient PRESCRIPTION DISPENSING service, we offer a range of  NHS & PRIVATE Services to service the healthcare needs of our local population, all of which can be booked through our website.

Our Clinical Pharmacists

Sian Dafydd

Siân Dafydd

Siân qualified as a pharmacist in 2004 from Cardiff University and is shortly to become an Independent Prescribing Pharmacist.
She enjoys the additional new pharmacist roles, and offers via consultation all advice & treatment available under the NHS Common Ailments scheme.
Siân is able to perform emergency hormonal contraception (‘morning after pill’) and bridging contraception. She also offers the sore throat ‘test & treat’ service for bacterial throat infections.
She is a fluent Welsh speaker and is happy to conduct consultations in the Welsh language.

Sam Bajjada

Sam Bajjada

Sam has 5 years of experience working in community pharmacy and is qualified as an independent prescribing pharmacist.

He has a special interest in prescribing for urinary tract infections (available for females between ages 16-64) and is soon to expand his scope to include other minor illnesses.

Sam is also able to offer emergency hormonal contraception (‘morning after pill’) and bridging contraception.

He can treat all the conditions covered under the NHS-funded “Common Ailments Scheme”. He offers the sore throat ‘test & treat’ service for bacterial throat infections.

Mrs Hayley Jones

Hayley qualified as an Independent Prescriber in 2020 & has a special interest in the prescribing of oral contraception and emergency hormonal contraception.

Hayley runs Cyncoed Pharmacy Travel Clinic which patients and travellers can access for specialist travel advice and vaccinations. Hayley is qualified under the Wales ‘Common Ailments Service’ to see patients for a significant number of medical conditions, and where necessary offer free NHS medication to treat them.

If you wish to book an appointment to see Hayley for any of the services she offers please book via our Cyncoed Pharmacy Website.

What Our Customers Say

Simon Watson
Simon Watson
Fantastic service from my local pharmacy late yesterday. The staff went out of their way to ensure I had the medication I needed before the weekend started despite it being over 6pm. Thank you so much
Aimee rogers
Aimee rogers
Lovely pharmacy, quick service, staff are always helpful and friendly.
Rachel Savage
Rachel Savage
The only pharmacy I go to, not only can you go into store for same day prescriptions your also able to phone up once your running low on a repeat prescription. Any issues I've had or one of my children I've been able to go into store to seek advise from the staff. All staff are very friendly and would highly recommend.
Melanie Davies
Melanie Davies
My go to pharmacy when I need a prescription done the same day or when I have any mild aliments that I need advice from. Rebecca especially has really helped with any questions I've had during my pregnancy and my kids. Thank you! Great team! Highly recommended!
Georgia Dawkin
Georgia Dawkin
After swapping pharmacies a few months back due to a house move I couldn’t be happier with how welcoming the staff are with any queries I have regarding medication or advice for my children
Maureen Draper
Maureen Draper
Very freindly and helpful staff
Very helpful with quick service
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips
Excellent Pharmacy and kind staff who are so helpful
Maz Browning
Maz Browning
I've had months on end of issues with this pharmacy, from losing prescriptions, never being able to get stock in, to one staff member saying they can help you and then another advises they can't, no regard for the mistakes of their colleagues and the position it puts you in. The attitude on their staff is atrocious. Total waste of time and an added stress that's not needed. Will no longer be using this pharmacy as its not fit for purpose.
Sharon Tomas
Sharon Tomas
Cannot cope with the demand. Staff have a disgusting attitude.
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