Common Ailments Service

Our Pharmacy is here to help and advise you on various conditions including Minor/Common Ailments in Cardiff. We can also signpost you to the most fitted healthcare professional if need be. These include physiotherapists, opticians, GPs, chiropodists, and out-of-hours services. If you live in Cardiff or are registered to a Welsh GP, you are eligible to access our Common Ailments Service.

With funding provided by the NHS in Wales, the list of what we can treat at Pontprennau Pharmacy is substantial. We pride ourselves in modern prescribing and offer NHS treatments in-store. If you’re in search of treatment for Common Ailments in Cardiff, we’re here to help you!

What can we treat at our pharmacy?

Below is a list that gives examples of what Common Ailments we treat in our pharmacy clinic:

Athletes Foot
Backache (acute)
Conjunctivitis (bacterial)
Dermatitis (acute)
Dry Eye
Head Lice
Mouth Ulcers
Nappy rash
Oral thrush
Sore throat/tonsillitis
Vaginal thrush

While some treatments are provided under the NHS, others may only be available as private services. Still, our trained pharmacists will discuss your treatment options with you to allow you to make your preferred choice.

Why come to Pontprennau Pharmacy in Cardiff for Common Ailments?

You will have the benefit of conveniently accessing treatment without necessarily seeing your GP first. Basically, you often don’t have to book an appointment with us. Even if you book an appointment, unlike many GP surgeries, Pontprennau Pharmacy doesn’t have waiting times. Visiting us today is faster and easier.

There are also the NHS benefits. By accessing treatment for minor or common conditions through Pontprennau Pharmacy, patients ease the pressure off of GPs and A&E departments. So, it’s not necessary to visit a GP for lower back pain or a cough.

You can count on us!

The Pontprennau Pharmacy pharmacists are professionally trained to offer these treatments. Therefore, you don’t need to worry. We won’t hesitate to refer you to A&E or your GP if the need arises. This is one way of ensuring that you feel safe and in the right hands to receive treatment.

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