We want to help local people to quit smoking in 2024

As a local Healthcare provider, Pontprennau pharmacy has been re-evaluating our goals for 2024. Many local people will have noticed a change in how many pharmacies now operate.

A modern pharmacy is no longer prescription factories, and Pontprennau Pharmacy in particular can offer  many other services all listed on this website.

We do however want to share with you one of our priorities for the next year.

As New Year approaches, which inevitably  means New Years Resolutions, in 2024 we want it to be the year in which, those of you who really want to stop smoking, can achieve your goal.

We can advise that Pontprennau Pharmacy has enrolled with the Local Health Board to be a provider of FREE advice, medication and devices to support you though your journey until y0u finally QUIT.

The scheme is called “Help me Quit”.

Book Now and look forward to being a non smoker in 2024.